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MBLC Celebrates 125 Years


Boston Public Library, Copley Square

The Boston Public Library is home to the Library for the Commonwealth.
(Image from Amiable Bowfin [blog], Wordpress)

The Library for the Commonwealth was established at Boston Public Library. Formed out of what was known as the "Library of Last Recourse," the Library for the Commonwealth was established in August of 2011 to "develop and maintain a statewide digital library."

In addition to digitization, the Boston Public Library maintained many of the other programs available under the Library of Last Recourse, including library cards and accessibility to all residents of the Commonwealth, reference and research services, and digital lending.1

What else happened in 2011?

  • Prince William married Kate Middleton.2
  • NASA ended the Space Shuttle Program after the final flight of the shuttle Atlantis.2
  • The Occupy Wall Street protests began in New York City.2

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