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MBLC Celebrates 125 Years


The Massachusetts State Quarter

The Massachusetts Quarter was released1
"The Massachusetts quarter, the first quarter of the new millennium from the 50 State Quarters® Program, features a design of "The Minuteman," a famous statue that stands guard at The Minuteman National Historical Park in Concord, Massachusetts. The outline of Massachusetts is featured in the background."2

In 2000: New Trustee Handbook Coming Soon
"Over the past year, staff of the Board of Library Commissioners' Public Library Advisory Unit has developed, and the Board approved, a new and updated Public Library Trustees Handbook for Massachusetts. The handbook is expected to be printed over the summer and distributed to every public library trustee and director in the fall.

Topics covered in the handbook include: becoming a trustee, board organization, legal responsibilities, policy-making, planning, personnel, budgeting and financial management, fund-raising, advocacy, friends groups and volunteers, technology, construction and renovation, Massachusetts public library service, continuing education and associations."3

What else happened in 2000?

  • We survived Y2K! "The year 2000 was the subject of 'Y2K' concerns: fears that computers would not shift from 1999 to 2000 correctly. However, by the end of 1999, many companies had already converted to new or upgraded their existing software. Some even obtained Y2K certification. As a result of massive effort, relatively few problems occurred."4
  • On February 29, "a rare century leap year date occurs. Usually, '00' years are not leap years due to not being exactly divisible by 400. 2000 is the first such year to have a February 29 since the year 1600, making it only the second such occasion since leap years were introduced in the late 16th century. The next such leap year will not occur until 2400."4

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