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MBLC Celebrates 125 Years


The Commonwealth celebrated its 300th year with the "Tercentenary Exposition of Governmental Activities" in Springfield and Boston.

Division of Public Libraries booth at Massachusetts Tercentenary Exposition of Governmental Activities

The Division's Tercentenary Exposition booth1

"The Division of Public Libraries planned its booth to show the various activities of the Division against the historical background of the development of Massachusetts libraries."1

In addition, "Practically every library in the Commonwealth observed the Tercentenary of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in some way. Exhibits of old books, maps, antique furniture, and costumes are reported. Many kept 'open house' for visitors."1

What else happened in 1930?

  • Gandhi started his civil disobedience protests.2
  • Snack company Hostess invented Twinkies.2
  • Warner Brothers released Looney Toons.2
  • The first FIFA World Cup was played in Uruguay.2

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