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MBLC Celebrates 125 Years


men working for the Civilian Conservation Corps

A group of men working for the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
(Image from CCC archives on

The field adviser at the Division of Public libraries got in touch with all Civilian Conservation Corps camps in the State. The CCC was set up under the New Deal as a work relief program for unemployed men to provide unskilled labor jobs in conservation.

The 1933 report states:

"[The adviser] found that local libraries were already supplying donations of books and magazines... and that individual loans were frequently made to men who cared enough about books to go to the library and ask for them. Further and more organized cooperation has been requested of the Division by the Corp Area Civilian Adviser for Education newly stationed in Boston, and plans are being considered for a state-wide library extension."

What else happened in 1933?

  • Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge began in San Francisco.2
  • The twenty-first amendment was passed, ending the prohibition of alcohol in the United States.2
  • Members of the Harvard Lampoon steal the Massachusetts Sacred Cod from the House of Representatives Chamber.2
  • The first Major League Baseball All-Star Game is played in Chicago.2

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