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Finding Common Ground

Live Burn

The Live Burn is an excellent opportunity to provide participants with a real-life disaster to learn from without the risk of damage to collections, buildings, or people.  The support document titled LiveBurnRecoveryPlanning.doc in the Live Burn folder provides guidance for anyone planning one or the other of these events.

The Live Burn begins with a fire department lecture on operations during and after a call.  After the lecture portion, participants view the burn rooms prior to the fire with commentary by instructors.  Safety protocols should be followed at all times. 

Ideally, a side- by-side burn should be conducted, demonstrating the impact that proper and improper collection storage can have on the efficacy of fighting a fire and the difference that various firefighting nozzles can have on the damage inflicted by the fire on the collection materials.

After the fires are extinguished, a facilitated discussion of the burn and group walk-throughs of the side-by-side burn sites (safety permitting) should be held.