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Finding Common Ground

The First 72 Hours: Disaster Response

Disaster Response covers the initial response to an incident and includes two tabletop exercises; a simple one based on the Library of Congress Level of Collection Emergency Scenarios and a complex one based on the region in which the workshop is being held. The scenarios should be developed and led by all instructors and should challenge and test the participant’s disaster plans.

Participants are encouraged to complete the Emergency Management Institute’s online ICS course ( as homework. This training is important to ensure participants know they might be integrated into the response management structure following a disaster.

At this workshop, all participating institutions and fire departments can get copies of FAIC’s  Field Guide to Emergency Response, and the Emergency Response and Salvage Wheel, as well as David Carmicheal’s book Implementing the Incident Command System at the Institutional Level: A Handbook for Libraries, Archives, Museums, and Other Cultural Institutions if organizers wish to purchase.

Where to Get Printed Materials