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Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Resource Guide Collection

Managing Your Construction Grant: Contract & Agreement

Two different documents

The Contract is the boilerplate form required by the state, standard to all business done with state agencies.

The Agreement is a document containing a set of assurances that the MBLC and the municipality agree to. These assurances outline the expectations for how the grant funds are spent and managed, as well as construction project outcomes. The Agreement is an appendix to the standard contract.

Who signs the contract?

Who signs the standard contract form?

This is a local decision that could be determined by custom, availability, or bylaw. This person is the municipal representative or official who has been authorized to enter into a contract and designated to have the authority to accept state funds and hold the contract on behalf of the municipality.  It could be:

  • The Mayor, or
  • The Select Board Chair, or
  • The Trustee Chair, or
  • The Chairman of the Building Committee, or
  • The Library Director, or…

At the end of the day, it's up to each individual municipality to decide who's authorized to hold the contract.

Here's a place to start: check Section 3, Part B under Assurances & Certifications in your construction grant application and then double-check with your city or town.

It's essential that the signer handwrite the date beside his/her signature. If the date is typed, the contracts people won't accept it and we will send it back to you. This will delay the execution of your contract (and your first payment).

Who signs the agreement?

At minimum, the Agreement must be signed by two people:

  1. One library trustee or official
  2. The person who signed the contract

declaration of independence signatures

And then we wait...

Once the contract is signed, sealed, and delivered, it goes to the State Comptroller's Office. If you have questions about your contract or any other contract-related issues, you can save time by going straight to the person who knows:

Tanesha Deane
MBLC Contract Specialist
1-800-952-7403 x 241