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Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Resource Guide Collection

Census 2020 in Massachusetts: Programming

Programming Ideas and Suggestions

Interested in offering 2020 Census related programming? Here are some ideas to get you started? 
Have a great idea? We'd like to hear from you. Drop us an email

Programming for Adults

  • Hold a census filling out party! Invite people to bring their own device or make available library technology for residents to utilize. 
  • Host an event on Census Day - April 1, 2020 
  • Census pop ups at outreach events
  • Census solutions- brainstorming sessions about marketing and outreach. Be sure to include people working with hard to count communities. 

Programming for Teens

  • Engage the Teen Advisory Board to brainstorm programming options
  • A "mock census" to engage students
  • Programming around the importance of the census and future redistricting 
  • Engage teens volunteers at events when possible 
  • Invite teen volunteers to Complete Count Committee meetings where appropriate 

Programming for Youth and Families