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Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Resource Guide Collection

State Aid Annual Report: FY2019

Annual summary information for the MBLC State Aid to Public Libraries program

FY2019 State Aid to Public Libraries Summary Reports

Of the 350 Massachusetts municipalities with public library services, 345 applied to the State Aid program for FY2019. Seventeen municipalities applied for a waiver of the MAR. 344 of the municipalities that applied were certified to receive State Aid awards for FY2019. One municipality, Millville, was not granted certification due to a large, disproportionate, budget cut of 68.51%. One municipality, Greenfield, added additional funding to the library budget and was certified meeting full requirements.

Funding totaled $9,362,700 for the State Aid to Public Libraries program. Additional funds were added as earmarks for specific libraries bringing the overall total to $9,612,700. One earmark for $50,000 was not for a Massachusetts public library and, therefore, could not be disbursed. The money had to be returned to the Commonwealth.

Commissioners - FY2019

Roland A. Ochsenbein, Chairman
Mary Ann Cluggish, Vice Chairman
Mary Kronholm, Secretary

*Deborah V.H. Abraham (replaced Francis R. Murphy in August, 2018)
*Leslie D. Ball (replaced Carol B. Caro in October, 2018)
*Philip Madell (replaced Gregory Shesko in March, 2019)
*Gina Perille (replaced George T. Comeau, Esq. in November, 2018)
*N. Janeen Resnick
*Alice M. Welch

MBLC Staff - FY2019

James Lonergan, Director

Mary Rose Quinn, Head of State Programs
Liz Babbitt, State Aid Specialist
Ann Downey, Systems Analyst
Uechi Ng, Administrative Assistant

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