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Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Resource Guide Collection

State Aid Annual Report: FY2024

Annual summary information for the MBLC State Aid to Public Libraries program

FY2024 State Aid to Public Libraries

The State Aid program grants totaled $17.6 million for FY2024, the largest in the program's history. The program also maintained the record high of 347 municipalities and their libraries being certified.

Libraries in Clarksburg, Lawrence, and Stoughton received Municipal Appropriation Requirement (MAR) waivers. Wayland received a waiver "with reservation" due to a 9.26% cut to the library's budget when compared to the overall municipal budget.

While the materials expenditure requirement resumed in FY2023, the hours open requirement resumed in FY2024 which resulted in 10 libraries utilizing the Accommodation Policy for hours or materials or both hours and materials. Those libraries saw a 12.5-25% reduction in their awards.

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