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Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Resource Guide Collection

State Aid Review: Committee Homework

Homework for June Meeting

Create two recommendations for the report to the MBLC by considering the following:
  • What category does this fall under (MAR, Hours, etc.)?
  • What would be the requirement(s)?
  • Would there be modifications, if needed?
  • What would be the limit to any modification(s)?
  • How would you phase in any changes to the requirement?

Homework for May Meeting

Take a look at the Policies and Waivers links below and think about their 'pluses' and possible improvements:

Policies are set by the Board at their October meeting. They are usually set several years in advance so Library Directors and Trustees will have time to implement any future changes. Currently the policies reviewed each year are:


Municipalities that do not meet the Municipal Appropriation Requirement (MAR) can apply to the Board of Library Commissioners for a Waiver. There is no limit to the number of years that a municipality can apply. The Board looks carefully at whether the library was 'disproportionately' cut in regards to other departments in the same municipality. That is to say, if the library budget is cut more than 5% greater than the overall town budget, the cut is considered 'disproportionate'. A municipality that has been granted a waiver receives its full State Aid award (unless it needed accommodation for hours or materials then it is pro-rated as are all municipalities needing accommodation.)

Instruction and required forms for a waiver are as follows

 MAR Waiver Memo

In Addition, the following are required:

One letter or statement from the Library Director and the Library Trustee Chair explaining the library’s FY 2015 budget process and reasons that the municipality did not meet the FY 2015 MAR.

Municipal budget documentation for FY 2014 and FY 2015 that shows the appropriation to each municipal department

Homework for April Meeting

Think about what your ideal state aid program would look like.

  • Think about the program statewide.
  • Try not to be influenced only by your situation.
  • Feel free to think creatively.

We'll be discussing your ideas in small groups at the April meeting.