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Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Resource Guide Collection

State Aid Review: Charge


The charge of the committee approved by the Board of Library Commissioners on June 5, 2014 reads:

The committee will assess the role of the state aid program in improving library services through review of the current state aid program and review of approaches in other states, and will develop a next generation program for recommendations to the Board of Library Commissioners.


  • Review of current state aid program
  • Review of state aid programs in other states
  • Communication of the progress of the review committee process to the Board of Library Commissioners and the library community
  • Development of a final committee report of recommendations for a next generation State Aid to Public Libraries program for the Board of Library Commissioners


  • The committee's work will end by June 2015.
  • The Board and the public library community will be kept informed of the work and the team's progress throughout the process.
  • The state aid review process will not be a forum to discuss specific library-related issues, but to think broadly about the state aid to public libraries program.
  • Committee members will have no hidden agendas and will focus their work on the tasks at hand.