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Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Resource Guide Collection

Making the Most of the Space You Have

There are never enough outlets


Power cords strung across walkways, creating tripping hazards, are a common occurrence in libraries. Patrons are always hungry for ways to charge their devices. Here are a few examples of ways to provide power in a safer way.


At right, portable chargers can be loaned with a library card or other ID.

Box of portable chargers

Power hub


The power hub on the left delivers three power/USB outlets at table height.

The lamps on the right have power outlets in the base, with a single cord plugged into a floor outlet.

Hilstoric carrel seat with retrofitted power outlet at desk height

Here's a great way to deliver power to the desktop in a historic carrel.

Closeup of power outlet on desktop

In this functional, if not elegant, solution, a power strip is permanently mounted to the top of a traditional oak library table.

Power strip mounted to top of oak library table

Power cord along leg of oak library table