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Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Resource Guide Collection

Making the Most of the Space You Have

Repurposing space

Repurposing Space

Do you have a massive bank of vertical file cabinets? How much of it is used? Can these items be scanned and made available digitally? What other space hogs do you have that are little used?

Do a two-week sweep study of your library. Every hour, have someone walk through the library and record which pieces of furniture and equipment are being used. You’ll very likely find some items that are never used.


wall of file cabinets


Examples of repurposing

tiny workstation

converted closet

Above is a photo of a former closet converted to a children’s room. Yes, it’s tiny, but it’s a space that was filled with unnecessary junk before. They were able to cut a window into the wall and paint a beautiful Dr. Seuss mural.

On the left is a tiny computer workstation that was inserted into an unused corner. Very little space was needed.