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Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Resource Guide Collection

Friends of Libraries: Insurance for Friends Groups

Information, resources, and advice for library friends groups in Massachusetts.


The content in this guide is informational only. The inclusion of any links or services is not an endorsement. MBLC makes no recommendations on products and services. The quotes are from Friends of Libraries in Massachusetts based on their experiences. Friends should consult an attorney for guidance based on their specific circumstances. 

What Friends Groups are saying about Insurance

Question: I am curious if very many Friends Groups purchase Non-profit Management Liability Insurance, specifically Non-profit Directors & Officers Liability and Employment Practices Insurance. 

What Friends are saying: 

  • Five libraries have reported that they do not carry Non-profit Management Liability Insurance.

  • We have a D&O policy with Mount Vernon and a liability policy with The Hartford (as part of a group) because we are the official sponsor of certain events on the library premises as well as at other locations. 
  • We do not have a liability policy. It is my understanding for events held on library or town property we are covered by their insurance. However, and understandably, for the wine tasting fundraiser we held in May a certificate of insurance for the organization that was approved for the one day alcohol license was required.  
  • We carry liability insurance, but we did not opt for the cyber risk policy. We sponsor events in the library, so I guess that’s why we carry it.
  • According to our treasurer, the question of liability insurance has never come up. We have no paid employees, small board, and other than our book sale and direct fundraising appeals, our primary function is to provide financial support for library-sponsored events and fund their requests for materials, supplies etc.