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Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Resource Guide Collection

Trustees: Collection Development and Intellectual Freedom

Information, resources, and advice for library trustees in Massachusetts.

Legal Issues for Libraries: Library Collections

Intellectual Freedom Resources

Collection Development Policy Resources

Section 33: Policy for selection and use of library materials and facilities
Section 33. The board of trustees of a free public library in any city or town, or in the absence of such board, the city or town official possessing the appointive powers of such board, shall establish a written policy for the selection of library materials and the use of materials and facilities in accordance with standards adopted by the American Library Association. No employee shall be dismissed for the selection of library materials when the selection is made in good faith and in accordance with the approved policy adopted pursuant to the provisions of this section.


Sample Reconsideration Forms: 

Legal Information regarding Collection Development

Talking Points

Current Events surrounding book challenges and censorship

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