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Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Resource Guide Collection

Collection Development Policies

Libraries Identified without a Collection Development Plan

In May 2022, MBLC visited public library websites to see if collection development plans were available online. This data was reviewed in December and the following libraries were identified as not having a collection development policy available on their website. These libraries may have an approved policy that is not available online. 

If you are a library listed here that does have an approved policy, we recommend posting this policy to the library's website. This is a foundational document for library operations and should be publicly available. Please contact Maura Deedy at MBLC if you do have a policy and our records will be updated. 

List current as of 4/24/2023

Agawam - Agawam Public Library              C/WMARS

Alford - Alford Free Public Library              not a network

Ashfield - Belding Memorial Library          C/WMARS

Auburn - Auburn Free Public Library         C/WMARS

Berlin - Berlin Public Library         C/WMARS

Bernardston - Cushman Library   C/WMARS

Boylston - Boylston Public Library              C/WMARS

Brimfield - Brimfield Public Library            C/WMARS

Brookfield - Merrick Public Library            C/WMARS

Carver - Carver Public Library      SAILS

Charlemont - Tyler Memorial Library        C/WMARS

Chatham - South Chatham Public Library               not a network

Chester - Hamilton Memorial Library        MASSCAT

Chesterfield - Chesterfield Public Library C/WMARS

Conway - Field Memorial Library               C/WMARS

Cummington - Bryant Free Library             not a network

Dennis - Dennis Memorial Library Assoc. CLAMS

Dennis - Jacob Sears Memorial Library     CLAMS

Egremont - Egremont Free Library            C/WMARS

Erving - Erving Public Library        C/WMARS

Everett - Everett Public Libraries  NOBLE

Falmouth - West Falmouth Library, Inc.   CLAMS

Florida - Florida Public Library     C/WMARS

Gardner - Levi Heywood Memorial Library             C/WMARS

Gill - Slate Memorial Library         not a network

Gosnold - Cuttyhunk Public Library           not a network

Groveland - Langley Adams Library           MVLC

Hancock - Taylor Memorial Library            C/WMARS

Harvard - Harvard Public Library C/WMARS

Harwich - Chase Library Assoc., Inc.          not a network

Harwich - Harwich Port Library Assoc.      not a network

Heath - Heath Free Public Library              C/WMARS

Hinsdale - Hinsdale Public Library              MASSCAT

Holden - Gale Free Library            C/WMARS

Holland - Holland Public Library  C/WMARS

Hubbardston - Hubbardston Public Library            C/WMARS

Huntington - Huntington Public Library    MASSCAT

Leyden - Robertson Memorial Library      not a network

Middlefield - Middlefield Public Library   C/WMARS

Monroe - Monroe Public Library not a network

Montgomery - Grace Hall Memorial Library           MASSCAT

Mount Washington - Mount Washington Public Library    not a network

New Braintree - L. Pollard Memorial Library          C/WMARS

New Marlborough - New Marlborough Town Library         C/WMARS

Northampton - Lilly Library          C/WMARS

Northfield - Field Library               not a network

Oakham - Fobes Memorial Library            C/WMARS

Orange - Wheeler Memorial Library         C/WMARS

Otis - Otis Library and Museum   C/WMARS

Peru - Peru Library           not a network

Petersham - Petersham Memorial Library              C/WMARS

Phillipston - Phillips Free Public Library    MASSCAT

Plainfield - Shaw Memorial Library            not a network

Plymouth - Plymouth Public Library          OCLN

Rehoboth - Blanding Free Public Library  SAILS

Rowe - Rowe Town Library            C/WMARS

Royalston - Phinehas S. Newton Library   MASSCAT

Russell - Russell Public Library     not a network

Rutland - Rutland Free Public Library        MASSCAT

Sandisfield - Sandisfield Public Library      MASSCAT

Savoy - Savoy Hollow Library        not a network

Shelburne - Arms Library              C/WMARS

Shelburne - Shelburne Free Public Library              C/WMARS

South Hadley - South Hadley Public Library           C/WMARS

Templeton - Boynton Public Library          C/WMARS

Townsend - Townsend Public Library        C/WMARS

Tyringham - Tyringham Free Public Library            C/WMARS

Wales - Wales Public Library        C/WMARS

Warren - West Warren Library Association             C/WMARS

Wendell - Wendell Free Library   C/WMARS

West Bridgewater - West Bridgewater Public Library         SAILS

West Stockbridge - West Stockbridge Public Library           C/WMARS

Winchendon - Beals Memorial Library     C/WMARS

Windsor - Windsor Free Public Library     C/WMARS

Winthrop - Winthrop Public Library & Museum    NOBLE

Worthington - Worthington Library           C/WMARS