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Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Resource Guide Collection

Collection Development Policies

Sample Policies to Modify

Here is a basic collection development policy from the Massachusetts Library System that you can adapt and expand upon for your library. 

Sample Collection Policy w/Components from the Massachusetts Library System

This sample collection policy is from the class Collection Life Cycle offered by the Massachusetts Library System. 

For simplicity, we recommend including sections on Reconsideration, Gifts and Weeding within the Collection Development Policy. 



Here are some sample policies from Massachusetts Libraries to review as you adapt or write a collection development policy for your library. Some of these are listed as a specific example of policy language. Find more examples at the MLS Policy Collection

Sample Section that addresses Resource Sharing 

The Name Public Library is a member of the Name Library Network, an automated resource sharing network of public, academic, school, and special libraries covering a wide geographic area. For patrons with needs beyond the local library and the Network system, interlibrary loan allows access to materials in libraries throughout the Commonwealth and the rest of the United States through cooperative interlibrary loan agreements. The library does not have control over the content of certain electronic collections, including those administered by Network or the state, or over materials that may be available through interlibrary loan from other libraries. 


Sample Section that addresses review frequency of a single title 

A title will be reviewed by the Library Board of Trustees only once within a five year period unless the content has undergone major revisions, or at the discretion of the Library Director or the Library Board of Trustees.


Sample Reconsideration Forms