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Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Resource Guide Collection

Database Procurement FY23-28: Timeline

Procurement Timeline

Task Date Responsible Party
Database Feedback sessions Winter 2020-21 Kate Butler (MBLC),
Tressa Santillo (MLS)
Conduct survey April 2021 Kate Butler (MBLC)
Report on survey and feedback sessions to BLC June 2021 meeting Kate Butler (MBLC)
Formation of Internal Procurement Team June 2021 MBLC, MLS,
BPL, Perkins Library
Write RFP Summer/Fall 2021 Internal Procurement Team

Post intent to publish on COMMBUYS

October 2021 MBLC
Recruitment of Ad Hoc Committee Members November 2021 Internal Procurement Team
RFP Posted on COMMBUYS November 2021 MBLC
Appointment of Ad Hoc Committee December 2021 meeting MBLC
Initial Review of Responses January 2022 Internal Procurement Team,
Ad Hoc Committee
Vendor Demonstrations January/February 2022 Internal Procurement Team,
Ad Hoc Committee
Online Trials January/February 2022  
Review and Recommendations March 2022  
Negotiation with vendors March/April 2022  
Contracts Signed April 2022 MBLC
Set-Up and Testing May/June 2022 MBLC, MLS
Publicity and Training for Librarians May/June 2022 MBLC, MLS
New Databases go Live July 1, 2022