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Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Resource Guide Collection

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Information, resources, and advice for library trustees in Massachusetts.

Trustee Orientations

Upcoming Trustee Orientations:

All sessions are from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

See the Training for Trustees page for more information about Trustee Orientations and future sessions.


MBLC Trustee Handbook

As the MBLC revises and updates the 2000 Trustee Handbook, we invite you to use this 2012 transitional draft. It includes updates to contact information and websites, as well as changes to relevant Massachusetts law. If you’d like to share your feedback on the draft, please contact MBLC.

MBLC has an updated 2018 Trusty Trustee Pocket Guide for trustees, adapted from the Handbook.


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Web Resources


While some of these articles are not specifically about library boards, you may find them of interest.

NOTE: Full-text access for the following articles is limited to Massachusetts. To access full text:
Click this link first to authenticate your location and then return to this page to access the article links below.

Join the Massachusetts Library Trustees Association

Become a member of the MLTA! Please email for membership inquiries.

Contact MBLC

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Phone: 617-725-1860 x228

NPR Special Series on Libraries

From Andrew Carnegie to modern makeovers, take a listen to this special series on American libraries from NPR.

Join the MA Trustees Email List

Our list is an electronic information forum for Massachusetts trustees to discuss topics of interest and to share advice and best practices.

State Resources

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