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Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Resource Guide Collection

Preservation in Massachusetts Libraries: Grants

Subscribe and connect with Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC) Preservation Specialist Evan Knight and colleagues around the Commonwealth that work to advance the protection of cultural collections.


Sample LSTA Direct Grant Applications

IMLS / LSTA / MBLC Direct Grants

LSTA Direct Grant Background:

Grant Cateogires related to Preservation and Special Collection Management are listed below:

  • Archives Arrangement and Description
  • Go Local
  • Managing Fine and Decorative Arts
  • Protecting Priority Collections
  • Open

Find out more about these categories from the following link: Current Grant Opportunities (FY2024) - MBLC (

MA SHRAB Grant Programs

Roving Archivist

Veteran's Heritage

Supplies Regrant

Mass Humanities

Reading Frederick Douglass Together

Expand Massachusetts Stories