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Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Resource Guide Collection

Preservation in Massachusetts Libraries: NEW for 2023! FREE Emergency Planning Programs

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Focus on Emergency Preparedness for 2023

Support for Policy Development & Multiple Training Opportunities

MBLC is pleased to announce two programs to enhance library resilience to emergencies of various types.

Statewide access to *NEW* dPLAN for 1 year ($60 value)

The first program recognizes that good policies are vital in effective administration of our Commonwealth’s libraries – and that emergency response policies are difficult to develop. In the past, typified by the previous version of dPlan (from 2004), emergency policies and plans were expected to be overly comprehensive, often filling a large three-ring binder. Such encyclopedic information would unfortunately quickly become outdated, or overlooked and forgotten. But now, the totally reimagined dPlan supports incremental and holistic approaches to policy development, while utilizing mobile tech and cloud storage to offer an easier, more efficient, and in the end, more effective process.

The cost of dPlan is not onerous, but the intent of the program is to minimize any barriers you may have to developing your emergency policies; and continue building momentum and awareness among your staff. Please fill out the SURVEY BELOW. Access begins May 1 and you can sign up at any point until next year, April 30, 2024.

FREE Online & In-person training from FAIC & COSTEP MA

MBLC, through close collaboration with multiple COSTEP MA partners, has secured a set of high-quality trainings that will be available in multiple formats, virtually and/or in-person, for librarians in the Commonwealth, beginning this July. The sponsor of the event is the Foundation for Advancement in Conservation (FAIC), funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. 

The online component will consist of 10 modules that will be released beginning in July, to be viewed and completed asynchronously, culminating in a group-wide virtual table-top exercise in August wherein attendees will discuss their responses to a hypothetical emergency. This online training is not usually offered widely. At MBLC’s and COSTEP MA’s request, this is the first time it will be offered widely – a great opportunity.

The in-person component will be a two-day session hosted in Boston at the JFK Library & Museum on September 19 & 20, limited to 30 participants. Some travel funds will be available. More details, with registration information for both programs, is available now at You can register for one or both programs.

Sign up for dPlan discount

Using dPlan - Detailed Example (30mins)

VIDEOS - dPlan information & tutorials

Background to the Statewide Program

Summary: Provide wide access to “dPlan,” a web-based emergency disaster planning tool designed for cultural heritage organizations such as libraries. Access will be provided to an estimated 250 subscribers for a limited time (one-year) period.

Expected outcomes: Among library Directors and staff, enhance knowledge and leadership skills necessary to develop effective Emergency Response plans, policies, or procedures.

Background: dPlan is an online, collaborative tool for cultural heritage organizations such as libraries to develop Plans, Policies, and Procedures for varieties of emergency situations. Users are prompted for to complete sections iteratively, little-by-little, which help make a daunting process manageable, regardless of prior experience. The tool prompts users to collaborate and connect with staff, local responders, and other stakeholders to develop the plans. DPlan can only be used to create disaster preparedness plans.