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Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Resource Guide Collection

MBLC Brand Guide: MBLC Logo

A quick overview of how to use the redesigned MBLC logo in printed documents, websites, and more.

The logo

Primary MBLC logo - View full size

The logo is designed to act as an identifying symbol for all Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners' programs, services, and funded agencies. The words "Massachusetts Libraries" highlight how the MBLC unifies the libraries across the Commonwealth.

These words denote that the products and services funded by the MBLC are created with the intention to support all Massachusetts residents. It also complements the MBLC progression toward offering patrons and libraries more opportunities for resource sharing.

The tagline serves as an identifier for the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners as a primary funder of Massachusetts Libraries. The tagline should be separated from the logo by a thin horizontal line. Whenever possible, the tagline should be used with the logo.

Logo Usage

The MBLC logo must be used in accordance with standards outline in the brand guide. In addition, the logo may not be used for any purpose, except as specifically provided by license, signed agreement, or other written permission from the MBLC. Contact Celeste Bruno with inquiries.

Outside organizations not affiliated with the MBLC contacting us for permission to use the logo, please provide the following information in your correspondence:

  1. Your Organization
  2. Target Audience
  3. Why you need to use the logo
  4. What the logo will be on
  5. How long you need to use the logo

Using the logo for commercial purposes or a purpose that falls outside the MBLC's mission, vision, and values will not be allowed.

Alternative logo (for small spaces)

Use in black & white


Solid white

Stacked logo (for small spaces)