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Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Resource Guide Collection

Strategic Planning: Project Management

This is a list of the MBLC Strategic Planning Committee and a tentative timeline of activities. 



December/ January Kick-off and staff meeting
December/ January Information gathering and review w/briefing notes
December/January/February Targeted interviews

Focus groups

January Surveys
February Stakeholder Workshops
February/March Draft Strategic Goal areas
March Report of findings
March Deep Dive workshop
March/April Support for project/program design
April Draft Strategic Plan
April One-day staff retreat
May Plan review workshop and revisions
June Presentation of Plan
Ongoing Ongoing evaluation and planning


Strategic Planning Committee


Roland Ochsenbein
Mary Ann Cluggish
Mary Kronholm
Management Team  
Tracey Dimant
Rob Favini
James Lonergan
Mary Rose Quinn
MBLC Staff  
Andrea Bunker
Paul Kissman
Maryellen Osborne
Matt Perry