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Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Resource Guide Collection

LSTA Grant Management Guide: Reporting


Each project year will include an interim performance report and budget report (due April 21) and a final performance report and budget report (due October 21).

All project activities must be completed by September 30. All grant funds must be fully expended by September 30 of each funding year.

Narrative description for an activity

Your report may ask for a description for an activity such as a program or created content. You can often reuse a program description from a flyer or information included in a director’s report to meet this requirement. You can see examples from a previous project here in the narrative portion of the activities section.

Budget reminders

  • Always give the exact amount of the expense. Do not round off expenses to the nearest dollar in your reports, as we need an exact accounting of how the federal money has been spent.
  • Two year grants will report each year separately. Funds do not roll over from the first year to the second year.

Reporting guidance

The recipient training video from Amplifund includes instructions on how to report against performance activities, enter expenses, and submit reports.

Budget reporting requirements

The training video from Amplifund will walk you through how to create expenses and submit your budget reporting. Below are some points to keep in mind.

Under the General Tab

  • Direct Cost is the total expense of an item: Grants Funds + Match.
  • Budget reports are pulled from two data points: the expense date and the expense status. Expenses must be in a reviewed status to populate the budget report that is submitted to MBLC via Amplifund.
  • You must include a payee and a description. The description should give enough information that it is clear what was purchased with the funding. Please check with your consultant if you have questions about how detailed you need to be.

Under the Financials Tab

  • This tab allows you to allocate the Direct Cost towards Match Funding if applicable. Match Funding includes Cash Match or In-Kind.

Under the Attachments Tab

  • We do not require any receipts or other similar documentation. You can include it if you like for your own documentation but be aware that we are not checking against it. It is your responsibility to accurately report how the grant funds were spent.

Under the Custom Tab

  • If an expense uses grant funds, you must include a proof of payment number, such as a check number. You do not need to include this if an expense only uses match funds

Budget reports must have all the required information. Reports will be rejected if required information is not included.

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