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Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Resource Guide Collection

Libraries on the Waiting List for a Construction Grant: If your funding is already approved

Do you have your local funding approved?

Sometimes we have extra funds available in the cap at the end of a fiscal year, for a variety of reasons. If we have a substantial amount, our regulations allow us to "reach down" and fund a project that is ready and waiting to go forward.

How it works

If we have substantial funds left over in a given fiscal year, we will give these municipalities the option of accepting a provisional grant with a partial payment at that point. The option will be given to the library highest on the waiting list first.

This library may be given partial payments at the end of each fiscal year until their project comes up on the regular ranking timetable. At that point they will be given regular grant payments of 20% per year (subject to reaching milestones).

Contact Us

Massachusetts Public Library Construction Program

90 Canal Street, Suite 500
Boston, Massachusetts 02114
800-952-7403 (in MA)
617-725-0140 (fax)

Need more information or help along the way?

Lauren Stara
Library Building Specialist
617-725-1860, x245

Andrea Bunker
Library Building Specialist
617-725-1860, x246