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Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Resource Guide Collection

Trustees: Working With Your Director

Information, resources, and advice for library trustees in Massachusetts.

From the MBLC Library

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MBLC Director Search Process

A Trustee Focus event on Library Directors was held a few years ago, with some great resources on hiring and evaluating the library director. Click here to view these resources.

What you'll find inside the MBLC Director Search Process packet:

  • An Overview of the Search Process
  • Sample Action Plan
  • Major Challenges Facing Our Library
  • Suggested Job Description
  • Examples of Advertisements
  • Places to Advertise for Library Director
  • Job Posting Websites
  • Sample Screening Committee Charge
  • Sample Letters
  • Sample Interview Questions and Topics
  • Interview Rating Sheet
  • Sample Questions for Checking References
  • Example of Employment Contract for Library Director
  • Sample Library Director Evaluation

Guides and Resources

Helpful guides from other states:

Temporary Staffing

BiblioTemps® is an employment service of the Massachusetts Library System that provides experienced library workers for short-term placements in public, academic, and special libraries throughout Massachusetts.