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Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Resource Guide Collection

Trustees: Laws and Bylaws

Information, resources, and advice for library trustees in Massachusetts.

Sample Policies

The Massachusetts Library System (MLS) policy collection includes samples from a variety of settings across Massachusetts and is maintained by MLS.

Massachusetts General Law

Massachusetts Office of Campaign & Political Finance

Open Meeting Law

Most library boards are subject to Massachusetts open meeting laws. Some corporation and association libraries may be exempt from the open meeting law, depending on certain factors.

If you are unsure of your board's status, please contact the Division of Open Government at 617-963-2540 for guidance from the Attorney General's Office. Even if a board is exempt, trustees should nonetheless consider following the open meeting law model as it provides an excellent forum for conducting library business.

For detailed information beyond what's included in the MBLC Trustee Handbook, refer to the resources below.

Sample Bylaws

Thank you to all the boards who agreed to share their bylaws. If you have items to share, please contact the MBLC's Library Advisory and Development unit.