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Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Resource Guide Collection

Service Design for Libraries

What is it, anyway?


Combining Merriam Webster's definitions for


Service Design is:

a plan or protocol
for carrying out or accomplishing
a contribution to the welfare of others

Meeting People Where They Are, An Introduction to Service Design in Libraries, 
Callan Bignoli • @eminencefont, Assistant Library Director for Technology, Public Library of Brookline
Lauren Stara • @lstara, Library Building Specialist, Mass. Board of Library Commissioners
 with photo of sign: Questions answered, even the silly ones


It's at the core of what we do

"By designing your library with the user experience in mind, you have the potential to deepen the connection your library has with its community and make your library a place that people love to use."
- Aaron Schmidt and Amanda Etches in Useful, Usable, Desirable

This resource guide originated as a tool for attendees of Service Design: The Holistic Experience, a NEasis&t conference in January 2017 by Callan Bignoli of The Public Library of Brookline and Lauren Stara of the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.