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Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Resource Guide Collection

MPLCP Construction 2016: Funding Formulas

The $$$


Your grant is based on your estimated Total Eligible Cost (TEC).
What's "eligible"? The regulations say:


 Eligible costs include: acquisition of real property; planning, feasibility study or master plan costs; design services; demolition; site preparation; construction; and fixed capital equipment of an approved public library project.


Ineligible expenses include but are not limited to costs related to fundraising, municipal bonding, moving, temporary quarters, furnishings, computers and other equipment, and costs related to any aspect of the exterior grounds or site of the free public library structure including landscaping, walkways and parking lots, except exterior handicapped ramps.


If you have questions about eligible costs, contact us.

To estimate your grant amount, see the funding formulas herefinger pointing down Or go to the Grant Calculator herefinger pointing right

Single Municipality

MPLCP Funding Formula for a construction project in a single municipality:
Eligible Cost Incremental State Share
First $3,000,000 60% of amount up to $3m
$3,000,000-$6,000,000 45% of amount between $3m and $6m
$6,000,000-$15,000,000 40% of amount between $6m and $15m
Over $15,000,000 30% of amount over $15m

Payment Milestones

Once a contract between the MBLC and the city or town is signed, the grant is disbursed over five fiscal years, with required milestones attached to each payment:

  • First 20%
    • The grant contract is signed
  • Second 20%
    • In the next fiscal year
    • Complete construction documents are accepted by the MBLC
  • Third 20%
    • In the next fiscal year
    • Copies of the following are accepted by the MBLC:
      • advertisement to bid and bid documents;
      • DCAMM ratings for last 5 years for the top 3 general contractors bidding
      • signed contract with the general contractor
      • building permit
  • Fourth 20%
    • In the next fiscal year
    • A copy of the Certificate of Occupancy is accepted by the MBLC
    • The library opens to the public for regular library services
  • Final 20%
    • In the next fiscal year
    • Copies of the following are accepted by the MBLC:
      • certification that the construction contracts are complete
      • certification that no claims are pending against the construction contract
      • final report
      • as-built drawings

Grant Calculator

You can easily calculate your potential grant award amount using these handy tools! Download the spreadsheet you need based on the estimated ELIGIBLE cost of your project. Follow the instructions to put your numbers in the correct cells, and presto!

The spreadsheet calculates the amount of a potential Green Library Incentive as well, if you are targeting LEED certification.

Need Factor

The Board may establish a need factor for each municipality at the time a Program Notice for a grant application round is issued. This need factor is based on the Equalized Valuations (EQV) from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue. Contact us if you need to know your EQV.

Joint Public Library or Phased Projects

The funding formulas are different for Joint Public Library projects and Phased Projects.

  • A Joint Public Library is an undertaking by two or more cities or towns to provide public library service to all citizens of both municipalities. At least one of the municipalities must be an eligible Applicant as defined in 605 CMR 6.02.

  • A Phased Project is an approved public library project conceived from the outset to meet the 20 year need of the municipality but constructed in distinct phases over a period of years and in accordance with a comprehensive plan. Phased projects are limited to towns or cities with populations over 50,000.

If you are planning one of these project types, contact us for the funding formula.