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Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Resource Guide Collection

MPLCP Construction 2016: Application FAQ & Notes

Post-workshop Information

This page is to bring together questions we've received as well as clarifications and corrections to information we provided in the application and at the workshop. You may have received some of these corrections via the construction listserv -- but here they are in one handy location.


Here is a list of recent questions and answers about the construction grant application.



See the complete FAQ. Make sure to choose "Construction" as the topic.

Clarifications & Corrections


Yet another mistake found and corrected in the Cost per Square Foot spreadsheet. Second revision is here.

There are a couple of mistakes in the Cost per Square Foot spreadsheet.


The estimated space summary spreadsheet has a mistake in the formulas at the bottom for Unassigned Area and Total Estimated Gross SF. Applicants need to assign the correct percentage for Unassigned Area, and the Total Estimated Gross SF is a total of B60 and B61. Here is the corrected spreadsheet.