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Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Resource Guide Collection

MPLCP Planning & Design: The Planning Process

Sample Documents

These links and documents are samples from the 2013 Planning & Design grant round, to be used for reference only

The Big Picture

You are about to embark on a long, exciting, frustrating, complicated, difficult, and wonderful journey. In broad strokes, here is the path you'll follow:

The Planning Process

  1. Form your committee
  2. Hire your Building Consultant (if needed)
  3. Complete the community and facility Needs Assessment, incorporating community input
  4. If a joint project (two municipalities providing joint library services in one building) or a shared facility (two or more municipal departments or organizations operating separately within one building), write a comprehensive Management Plan
  5. Write the Building Program, synthesizing the library's Long Range Plan and the facility Needs Assessment. Determine your space requirements, independent of site or location
  6. Receive local approvals as needed

The Design Process

  1. Assemble the Design Team
    • Hire the Owner's Project Manager (OPM)
    • Hire the Architect
  2. Work with the Architect
    • Determine the building site
    • Execute engineering and geotechnical studies
    • Complete Schematic Design
    • Work with an independent cost estimator to prepare a preliminary cost estimate
    • Prepare related documents to meet Construction Grant submittal requirements
  3. Raise public awareness & build support
  4. Keep local officials and community informed

Next Steps

  1. Form the Building Committee
  2. Prepare and submit a Construction Grant application in an upcoming MPLCP Construction Grant round
  3. Organize a Capital Campaign committee
  4. Receive provisional grant award and confirm local funding to accept award
  5. Complete Design Development
  6. Re-estimate project costs
  7. Complete Construction Documents
  8. Conduct bidding process to select the General Contractor
  9. Negotiate the construction contract
  10. Groundbreaking