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Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Resource Guide Collection

MPLCP Planning & Design: Eligibility

Is My Library Eligible?

In order to apply for a Planning & Design grant, your library:

  • must be certified to receive State Aid, with or without a waiver
  • must have a current Long Range Plan and Action Plan on file at the MBLC
  • must not have received an MPLCP Planning & Design Grant within the previous 10 years
  • must not have retained the services of an architect before the Library Building Program is written

For municipalities with multiple independent libraries and/or a library system with more than one branch:

  • a maximum of one Planning and Design grant award will be made every 5 years, for different facilities within that municipality
  • a comprehensive town-wide plan for library service must be filed at the MBLC
  • the municipality will determine which library or branch may apply

Full requirements are outlined in the State Regulations and Program Notice (see links at left).

Is My Project Eligible?

In order to qualify for a grant, your project must be an Approved Public Library Project which has been approved by a majority vote of Town Meeting or City Council. For the definition, see 605 CMR 6 (at left)

Eligible projects include new construction, addition/renovation, renovation and conversion (of a non-library building). Planning & Design grants are not intended to fund repair or maintenance projects.

Sample Documents

These links and documents are samples from the 2013 Planning & Design grant round, to be used for reference only