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Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Resource Guide Collection

MPLCP Construction 2016: For OPMs and Architects

You're Special

For OPMs and architects, it will be helpful to know when we want to meet with the design team during DD, CDs and construction. Also below is a list of when we need to have drawing packages submitted. All drawings should be in half-size (15"x22") printed format and be sent to:

98 North Washington Street #401
Boston MA 02114

Send to the attention of Rosemary Waltos or Lauren Stara, whoever is the liaison on your project.


Expect to meet with (or at least glimpse) the lead MBLC contact several times during the project:

  1. Post-award debrief and discussion of the reviewer's comments
  2. Several times during revision of schematic design
  3. As needed during DD and CD phases
  4. At groundbreaking
  5. As needed during construction
  6. At 75% completion
  7. After shelving & at least some furniture are in
  8. At substantial completion
  9. At grand opening

Drawing submissions

Drawing submissions to the MBLC (after the grant award):

Half-size (15" x 22") preferred for all drawings

  1. Revised schematic drawings
    • At each major revision point
    • Final set
  2. Design development
    • 50%
    • 75%
    • Final set
  3. Construction documents
    • 75% drawings
    • Final set with specifications
  4. As-built set