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Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Resource Guide Collection

MPLCP Construction 2016: Required Approvals

Grant Documents

Refer to the following documents and websites throughout the application process.

Required Approvals

Three approvals from Town Meeting, Select Board, or City Council are required:

  • by June 17, 2017
    • to approve the project (see Is My Project Eligible? on the Eligibility tab) and the schematic design
    • to apply for, receive and expend construction grant funds
  • By January 12, 2018
    • to approve local funding

Warrant Wording


At the time of application for a Massachusetts Public Library Construction Program grant, you do not need to have a town vote that secures funding for your project. However, what you do need by June 17, 2017 is:

  • approval of the project
  • authorization to apply for, accept and expend MPLCP grant funds

These two elements may be combined into one article or separated into two depending on your assessment of what will work best in your town.

The definition of an “approved public library project” as found in the MPLCP regulations is as follows:

An undertaking for the planning, alteration, construction, demolition, reconstruction, renovation, addition, expansion, extension, or rehabilitation of a public library facility as approved by a majority vote of the town at a town meeting or by a majority vote of a city council, with the approval of the mayor, in case of a city or in a municipality having a town council form of government, by a vote of the town council (605CMR6.03)

Here is sample wording for town articles which allow a project to be an Approved Public Library Project. Please note that these are only samples. The development of articles for individual projects should be based on local Town Bylaws, the advice of the Moderator, Town Clerk, Select Persons and/or Counsel.

Approval of a Construction Project

"To see if the Town will vote to accept the preliminary design for the __________ Library building..."

Some towns will require that the article stipulate that their approval is “contingent on the receipt of a state grant.”  This is acceptable.

Authorization to Apply for a Construction Grant

  1. “To authorize the Library Trustees of the _________ Library and/or the Board of Selectmen to apply for, accept, and expend any state grants which may be available for the project.”
  1. To authorize the Library Building Committee and/or the Board of Selectmen and/or Library Trustees to apply for any state funds which might be available to defray all or part of the cost of the design, construction and equipping of the library project and to authorize the Library Building Committee and/or Board of Selectmen and/or Library Trustees to accept and expend any such funds when received without further appropriation.”

Note: you must secure approval to “apply for, accept and expend” the grant, not just “apply.”