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Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Resource Guide Collection

MPLCP Construction 2016: Green Library Incentive

Sustainability isn't free

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If you plan to target LEED certification for your library, include this in your grant application. You may qualify for an additional percentage of the base grant amount.This incentive is intended to offset some of the additional costs you will incur as part of the LEED certification process. You will get this additional funding after you receive official certification from the US Green Building Council, usually about a year after opening.

GLI percentages

The minimum Green Library Incentive is $100,000 & the maximum is $500,000. Between those amounts, your Green Library Incentive is determined by the level of LEED certification you achieve:

Level Additional percentage
Certification 2%
Silver 2.5%
Gold 3%
Platinum 3.5%

Grant Calculator

You can easily calculate your potential grant award amount using these handy tools! Download the spreadsheet you need based on the estimated ELIGIBLE cost of your project. Follow the instructions to put your numbers in the correct cells, and presto!

The spreadsheet calculates the amount of a potential Green Library Incentive as well, if you are targeting LEED certification.