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Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Resource Guide Collection

2023-2024 Grant Round: Planning & Design Phase: Standard Grant Type Planning Process

Standard Grant Post-Award Planning Process

Once the contract with the MBLC is executed, the Planning and Design Process can begin:

The Planning and Design Process

  1. Assemble the Design Team
    • Hire the Owner's Project Manager (OPM)
    • Hire the Architect
  2. Work with the Architect
    • Determine the building site
    • Execute engineering and geotechnical studies
    • Choose delivery method: Design, Bid, Build, or Construction Management at Risk
    • Complete Schematic Design through the MPLCP Level of Design, as defined in 605 CMR 6.08 (2)(a).
    • Undergo evaluation of the MPLCP Level of Design by an independent review team using the criteria found in the Program Notice.
  3. Work with an independent cost estimator
    • Prepare a preliminary cost estimate
    • Perform value engineering, and re-estimate, if necessary
  4. Secure local funding for total project cost

Throughout the Planning and Design Phase, raise public awareness and build support by keeping local officials and the community informed. Staying ahead of misinformation is key. Check out the MPLCP's podcast Building Literacy for episodes in the "Advocacy Stories" series.