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Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Resource Guide Collection

2023-2024 Grant Round: Planning & Design Phase: Post-Award Planning Process

Contract and Payment

You are about to embark on a long, exciting, frustrating, complicated, difficult, and wonderful journey. For specific information based on grant type, please visit either the Standard Grant Type Planning Process or the Small Population Grant Type Planning Process. For steps in the grant application process, see The Application Process.

For all grant types, once the Commissioners vote on the recommended projects:

  1. the municipality signs and executes a contract with the MBLC for the Planning and Design Phase via Docusign with the Library Director as the grant manager
  2. the municipality sets up a separate interest-bearing account to receive MBLC payments, per the following regulation: "that all grant funds received by the Applicant from the Massachusetts Public Library Construction Program will be placed in an interest-bearing account separate from other Applicant accounts, and that a copy of the first statement from this account from the financial institution will be provided to the MBLC within 45 days of receipt of the first grant payment. All planning and design grant funds, including interest income, will be retained in this account until they are expended for purposes specified in the planning and design grant application. Purposes specifically excluded include all those specified in the definition in 605 CMR 6.02: Eligible Costs"
  3. the Library Director submits the first payment request through Amplifund
  4. the work of the planning committee commences (see The Committee)