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Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Resource Guide Collection

ARPA Grant Management Guide: Roles and responsibilities

Library responsibilities

  • Negotiate with the MBLC any revisions to the project and/or budget as initially approved
  • Carry out the project as stated in the original proposal within the required time frame with negotiated changes, if any
  • Ensure that contractual agreements between the MBLC and library are met and any obligation of funds is made only after agreements have been signed and approved
  • Notify the MBLC immediately if you leave or will be absent from the library for longer than three months
  • Give recognition to IMLS, ARPA, and MBLC in all publications
  • Complete written and financial reports on time and accurately
  • Spend ALL of the money, even if it means overspending and taking the deficit out of local funds
  • Personally track all expenditures and obligations, even if your business office is ultimately responsible for the accounting
  • Arrange for an audit to be submitted to the MBLC covering the entire period of the project when required

MBLC responsibilities

  • Negotiate with the library director any revisions to the proposal and/or budget as approved
  • Approve all project revisions in accordance with the contract
  • Maintain contact with the library director through emails, telephone calls, virtual meetings, or site visits
  • Advise the library director on programmatic and financial issues that often arise during the project
  • Review all reports and documentation on project expenditures and return reports if necessary for revision
  • Report project plans and results to IMLS

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